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Balms, Patches, Roll Ons - CBD Market Is Full Of Topicals - But What's What?

CBD is the most talked-about compound on the market and for good reason. With all the advanced CBD research going on these days, more and more people are interested in knowing everything they can about CBD. The fact is that CBD is in with most everything. With so many products on the market, you want to make sure you are packed with the best and complete information about CBD products so that you can make the best choice when buying them. 

 CBD topicals, just like oils / tinctures are the big wave and for good reason. Whether you have been using CBD products for years or you are going to use CBD for the first time, this write-up will definitely help you make your choice better. Read on!

What Is CBD Topical?

Topical is an elegant word for salves, balms, lotions, creams, CBD roll-ons, etc. that is made to be applied to the skin directly with the intention to treat that specific area. Generally, topicals have some sort of medicinal element like CBD along with other natural ingredients to help treat the nagging area. 

When it comes to topicals, you have a wide range of products to choose from. You have lotions, creams, salves, balms, roll-ons, patches more. However, the amount of CBD in each product varies widely from company to company.

Note: Not necessarily does more CBD mean more relief, it is the other ingredients included in topicals that also help with relief and work in conjunction with CBD.

What Are The Common Ingredients In CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals may have the base of common ingredients like shea butter and natural extracts like eucalyptus, arnica montana, passion flower, chamomile and others. These nourishing ingredients are quite incredible for the skin; when added with CBD, they help improve results. However, the effectiveness of CBD topicals may vary from person to person as with any CBD product. 

Types Of CBD Topicals:

Among a wide and distinct range of CBD products, you have a wide array of CBD topicals- take a look and understand which one is best to suit your needs. 

CBD Balms & Salves:

CBD balms & salves are commonly made with natural oils and shea butter to create a semi-solid substance. CBD balms & salves absorb into the skin for a longer period so that effects are typically long-lasting than some creams and lotions. 

CBD Roll-Ons:

CBD roll-ons are a powerhouse in the CBD topical realm. With different blends of natural extracts, most CBD roll-ons are a Freeze type roll-on with menthol, which when applied you feel that cold sensation of menthol. There is no need to rub the CBD roll-on mixture into your skin after it’s applied. Just roll it on and let it get to work, as they absorb quickly into your skin. CBD Living Freeze is something you may want to try.

Transdermal CBD Patches:

A CBD patch and all other transdermal patches are "transdermal", meaning the medicine or in this case, the CBD penetrates through the skin and into the blood system whereas most topicals are not transdermal and do not enter the blood system, but penetrate to the muscles and joints.

The ingredients inside patches are in a large concentration and aim to spread into the area with a low concentration of those particular ingredients.  Which effectively pulls the CBD from the patch into the skin, and gradually, it drops its effects into your bloodstream. Moving on, transdermal patches are extremely high in bioavailability and have a much higher bioavailability that CBD sublingual oils. Among the list of CBD patches, Social CBD Transdermal Patches are made with quality ingredients and are highly recommended. 

CBD Creams & Lotions:

Moisturizing creams and lotions are usually a blend of oil, natural ingredients and water. They are created to hydrate skin while protecting from moisture loss and now with CBD to help improve skin irritations and inflammation. With those natural ingredients along with CBD, improves the rejuvenating potential, skin-soothing and pain treating properties and seems to help greater than those of normal creams or lotions. However, you may want to do further research before adding CBD creams and lotions to your routine. 

Before adding CBD topicals to your routine, consult your doctor or an expert for further guidance and information.