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How To Get The Most Out Of Your CBD Oil

When you begin using CBD Oils/Tinctures, please, ALWAYS start out low and work your way up slowly, as the graph (by Charlotte's Web) indicates. You're trying to find your "Sweet Spot", the least amount of CBDs it takes to give you relief.

Remember, everyone's need is different, so the amount of CBDs needed for each of us may be different as well.  

To Get The Most Out Of Your CBD Regiment

Hold it under your tongue for up to 3 minutes.  It's suggested that you swish it around between your cheek and gums a bit then swallow the remaining.  If you swish it around while holding it in your mouth, the bioavailability will be greater (a greater amount of CBDs will enter your bloodstream).

 Also, if you eat before or right after you administer your CBD, your body will absorb more CBD and the bioavailability will be greater as well. 

Suggested to continue your CBD regiment daily and then use as needed, thank you.

Please consult your doctor for further guidance and information.